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The LT3200 has the same features as the LT3100 but, instead of coins or tokens, it is activated by single use disposable cards. The cards are coded to provide security across sites or for various different applications on one site. 

The time per session is pre-programmed in the meter in much the same way as for coin or token operation in the LT3100. A one session card will switch on the meter for the programmed time set in the meter and a two session card will switch on the meter for twice the time set in the meter. For example, for half hour games of squash a one session card could be used and for one hour games a two session card used.

Power consumption of the timer is approximately 22W (at 230V AC). Loads of up to 3kVA (13A resistive) can be switched directly by the timer, which is typically fifteen 100W incandescent or five 100W fluorescent lamps.

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Optional Extras

Key-operated over-ride (LT3200K)
The versatility of the LT3200 may be further increased by fitting a key over-ride switch which makes it possible for the output to be turned on permanently. This is useful for match tournaments on tennis courts and similar facilities or for ease of servicing equipment. 

Technical Specifications

Fuses:FS1 Type T HBC 250V breaking capacity, 20 x 5mm 100mA
Time Intervals:Programmable minutes & seconds or hours & minutes (99.59 max)
Display:4 digit 0.6 inch high green LED
Card:Use once magnetic stripe, one or two session
Dimensions:H: 270mm W: 183mm D: 93mm
Case:High impact ABS
Lock:Radial 8 pin with one key
Switching Capacity:3kVA
Auxiliary Output Switching Capacity:3kVA
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