Laundry Equipment

Coin operated washing machines or tumble dryers can be used in both commercial settings, such as launderettes, but also for landlords and HMOs, where control of excessive energy usage may be desirable. Furthermore there are many campsites that like to provide washing machines to enhance their guest experience.

By providing a coin or card operated washing machine and/or tumble dryer the misuse of water and electricity can be prevented, encouraging a reduction in carbon footprint. Furthermore it can help to recoup the cost of providing the laundry service whereby only those clients that make use of the washer or dryer pay. Many HMO landlords find providing a coin operated or card operated timer to control both washing machines and tumble dryers helps to reduce arguments between tenants, where often one tenant will be accused of hogging the use of the appliances.

The majority of our coin, token or smart card operated meters and timers can be used for these laundry applications. However, the following are LCI's recommended meters: