About Us

Leisure Controls International (LCI) is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of timing controllers. We design and manufacture timing and control units for the leisure industry, with a wide range of uses, all conforming to international standards. Our products include coin operated meters, token operated timers, and card and banknote operated meters.

LCI timers are operated principally to precisely measure the delivery of a paid-for service. Not only does this save money, but the precise measurement of time reduces wastage of resources, thereby protecting the environment.

LCI has an excellent reputation for designing timers that are used anywhere an operator needs to maximise revenue – in caravan parks, camping sites, health clubs, snooker halls, leisure complexes, visitor attractions, apartments and holiday homes.

Our Vision

Quality Improvement
LCI strives to provide a high quality service to our customers and we are fully committed to seeking continual improvements in order to meet changes in customer demands and international trends, as well as seeking ways in which to enhance our service to customers.

After Care
Quality after care is of prime importance to us. Our trained and experienced team in the Technical Service Department provide guidance on any matter relating to product technical specification, installation and maintenance.

Research and Development
At LCI we want to produce the best possible products for our customers and we pride ourselves on the extensive research and development which we invest in all our new coin operated, token operated and smart card timers.

Our research department works on developing new products to be introduced to the market that recognise changing customer requirements and technological advances.

Product Benefits

Putting You In Control
Many organisations are appreciating the benefits of controlling the use of leisure related equipment by using coin operated timers, token operated meters and smart card timers, such as:

  • Income generation;
  • Maximising income with separate peak and off-peak tariffs;
  • Rationing access;
  • Reducing use of hitherto freely accessed resources.
  • Reducing waste and thereby helping to protect the environment

Our History

Based in the historic Georgian town of Blandford Forum, situated in the rolling countryside of Dorset in Southern England, Leisure Controls International (LCI) Ltd is the trading name for the combined businesses of Wyvern Innleisure and Leisure Control Systems (LCS) of Poole.

Wyvern Innleisure was founded in 1980 by Laurie Fairhurst and his wife Diana; and LCS was established in 1956. The merger of the two companies in 2004 established a major force in the design and manufacture of coin operated meters, token operated timers and smart card operated timers, hair dryers and reception based controllers. LCI continues as a family-owned company under the management of Laurie Fairhurst.

Wyvern® is a registered trade mark of Leisure Controls International Ltd.