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Bank Note Timer 2000N

Bank Note Timer 2000N The Bank note Timer 2000N is a sister product to the coin operated timer Wyvern 2000R and is similarly designed for security and flexibility incorporating the key features requested by customers.

The timer can be programmed to suit the majority of customers’ requirements. The electronic bank note (bill) acceptor recognises up to ten bank notes of most currency sets. The time period may be set in minutes and seconds or hours and minutes mode.

Bank note timer brochure

£450.00 (exc.VAT) 
£540.00 (inc.VAT)

Technical Information
Colour: White epoxy polyester powder case, blue fascia
Time Intervals: Programmable minutes & seconds or hours & minutes (99.99 Max)
Display: 0.6 inch high green LED
Coin: Factory programmable
Dimensions: H: 350mm W: 175mm D: 140mm
Weight: 4.5 kgm
Case: 18swg mild steel
Lock: Radial 8 pin with two keys
Cash Box Capacity: 300 street grade notes

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