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Leisure Controls International

Student Placement

Leisure Controls International (LCI) the UK’s leading manufacturer of timing controllers principally operated by coins, bank notes or cards offers placements to students for either a 40 week industrial placement or an 8 week summer placement. This placement would appeal to students studying a marketing and/or business related degree. The ability to speak other languages such as French or Spanish is a bonus and would contribute to the business of Leisure Controls International. For more information about a placement availability and/or other related questions please call Laurie W. Fairhurst (Managing Director) on 01258 489075.

Please find below a sample testimonial from Stefan, a German student from a couple of years ago.

40 week industrial placement

Even though it is a fairly small company and not based in London or Paris (as many of the students would like to go there) the learning curve here at LCI is very steep. You have to get along with your own projects, decide what you are going to do with it, how you get and evaluate data researched.
I have many responsibilities across the field of international marketing. One of the main tasks is research and developing business opportunities for our products in overseas markets such as Europe, America and Australia. This is mainly achieved due the membership of the UKTI (UK Trade and Investment).
Other activities are website development (e.g. updates of news and product information, page and brochure translation into French, interactive features), e-mail campaigns and aspects of media planning and buying (e.g. Google AdWords) as well as attending local and national networking events and client visits.
Next to my research tasks I am highly involved in customer service and therefore I work very close together with our sales department as well as technical department. This insight into other departments also helps to gain experience in sales, product consultancy, and the ability to manage customer relationships with appropriate software as well as getting a deeper knowledge due to enhanced technical understanding of our products.
A placement wouldn't be placement if you would not feel comfortable among the people you work with. The people here are very nice and open to everything. You can talk to them about all your work tasks and they are happy to help you as often as you need to. That helps a lot to settle in and understand your tasks given and how the whole company works.
Working together with an external marketing consultant contributes to a deeper knowledge of marketing and business affairs, which completes this placement experience.
Only you as a student decide how much you want to learn from your placement and take it further into your studies.

Stefan Böttcher - BA (Hons) International Marketing - Bournemouth University