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Leisure Controls International

Our History

Based in the historic Georgian town of Blandford Forum, which is situated in the rolling countryside of Dorset in Southern England, Leisure Controls International (LCI) Ltd is the trading name for the combined businesses of Wyvern Innleisure and Leisure Control Systems of Poole.

Wyvern Innleisure started in 1980 founded by Laurence Fairhurst and his wife Diana and LCS in 1956 which was bought by John Brooks in 1987. The joining of the two companies in 2004 has established a major force in the design and manufacture of coin operated meters, token operated timers and smart card operated timers, hair dryers and reception based controllers.

Wyvern® is a registered trade mark of Leisure Controls International Ltd.

1956 Alberice established

1980 WyvernInn Leisure established
by Laurie Fairhurst

1987 Alberice purchased
by John Brooks

1999 Alberice changed name to Leisure Control Systems

2004 LCS and WIL merged
to form LCI

2009 Spanish distributor established