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Leisure Controls International

Case Studies for Coin Operated Timers

LT3100S for Heating in Valle de Aran (Pyrenees, Spain)

Fernando Arenas the proprietor of Leisure Controls International (LCI) Spanish Distributor – Calorifrio, relayed comments he has received from one of his customers who has recently purchased LCI LT3100S coin operated timers.

His customer installed the coin operated meters in order to control heating consumption in apartments he lets to tourists in Valle de Aran in the Pyrenees. Prior to installation tourists left the heating running all day even when they were out fishing, walking or horse riding. However with the installation of the coin operated timers heating costs have dropped 65% and Fernando’s customer is now planning to purchase more LT3100S coin operated timers to control heating in the rest of the apartments he owns in Valle de Aran.

The customer had initial concerns over the reaction of the tourists to the use of coin operated timers in the apartments but these were soon overcome through tourists commenting on how easy the coin operated meters were to use and how important it was to control energy costs.

LT3100S Coin Operated Timer at Valle de Aran Holiday Apartment using the LT3100S Coin Operated Timer
Images used with owners permission.